WP plugin ‘Booking in hotel rooms’

Hello guys! Introduce for you my plugin for booking rooms in hotels. This plugin I was made for one client. He was need accept bids from people who want order room. Ok, I made this plugin, Go describe plugin.

Plugin functionality

This plugin accept bids and saving them in database, He has widgets to output search form and have shortcod to output form with plugin functional.


search criteria is children and adults amount and we can enter date use handy JQuery UI date picker


go to admin review admin What is there


There we have tabs: numbers , seasons , number-and-seasons, bookings and last tab – settings

Review number tab, There we add hotel room , look screen


There in bottom existing form for add room with follow fields: name, description , price , amount children , amount adults, add here numbers to our site.

Go to next tab seasons

seasonsHere we add name season, description  and price.

go next tap numbers – seasons

number-seasonhere we ling number with season, There in form existing two drop – down menus one number and second seasons and we chose number and season and create number-season, and specify range date.

Go next tab bookings

bookingThere output all bookings with data, and date clients who want book this room with price, and near place button delete, we can delete all bookings or one particular.

Review last tap setting

settingshere is options for mail. When clients make booking plugin submit two mail one you on your email which you set and one mail sending to clients who make order, and there is service SMS notice also send SMS in cell phone, but this feature can’t be work , because  this is not common thing there inbuilt  api for this, but can’t work if you don’t have account.

Go ahead , proceed reviewing. Go to front end. in search form we input data for search and press search , plugin give us results with rooms which comply to our request an date.

outputThen we press button ‘book now’ and we go to booking form where you input your personal data, phone, email and special request

bookingfffSubmit this form client get mail with notification and you.

Maybe this is all functional. Just I don’t want much described it in English because plugin still not have localization.

I think about add localization and translate this plugin in English like must be for normal plugins , just don’t have time and only review it. If you want purchase this plugin I will translate it for you immediately, price 400 dollars, this is very cheap for so much functional app : ))),  write me in skype ‘kselax’ I willing sell you it. ,

Guys of course this plugin now sloppy without normal localization like must be for wordpress with pot files, I will translate it later inevitably. 


In This plugin we also can output all room like list , and like I said above we can add this plugin in any page just simply add shorcod to any part page or post. When I will make this plugin more better I will add here changes and change this post. This page will homepage for this plugin.  ))).