WP Plugin ‘Unload/Upload’ in SCV

Plugin ‘Unload/Upload’ create SCV files from post and upload back post form SCV.
You can also edit this file and throw this file you add posts and rubric in site .

This plugin can use not, all main functionality presented , but I will want develop this plugin ahead, now it accept SCV file in charset UTF-8 , but I want add drop down menu with list choose others charset, and need make localization, This plugin I made recent. I will only little describe it. and make some screenshots below.

You can show how structure must to have file SCV or create our plugin . Upload this file rst-import1
This plugin have inbuilt delimiter symbol semicolon ‘;’

I am going to do this like commercial plugin and will sell it in market for wordpress theme and plugins, just need only fully correct complete , like translate in English – add localization and it be good normal plugin.

Ok, below I added some screenshot this grateful plugin

SCV file structure

SCV file structure




plugin admin page